How to Be Happy in Life: 11 Easy and Simple Ways

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We are going to be exploring eleven ways on how to be happy in life. It’s a well-known fact that happiness is a state of mind, and the more positive thoughts you have, the happier your life will become. After all, it’s not what happens to us but our reaction to what happens which determines our happiness!

Learning to be happy in life just doesn't happen, it takes work like anything else. Prepping you mind, body and soul and putting in the time leads to long-lasting happiness.
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Remember what made you happy as a child. 

Children have such full hearts because they live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. This is why we should try to remember what it was like before adulthood and all its complexities. 

So, think of your childhood: do you have memories that make you feel happy? Did you ride horses and stop as an adult? Go riding or take a few lessons. Did you enjoy soccer, football, or tennis? Take a class or get outside with your kids and play. Jump rope, build sandcastles, or ride your bike as fast as you can down a hill? Do it. Try it and see how you feel.

Take the time to laugh. 

We all know the importance of taking time to laugh, but do we? We know it is important to laugh and smile, but we often do not do it daily, which is essential. When you find something funny, laugh. Laugh out loud, like really do it. Smile at a random person. Heck, smile at ten random people. It will make you feel great. Laughing and smiling is one of the best things you can do for your health and positive brain chemistry. 

Find ways to laugh and smile:

  • Call up one of your funny friends.
  • Listen to your kids tell jokes.
  • Listen to a podcast aimed at comedy.
  • Put on a comedy show on Netflix like Burt Kreischer or Kevin Hart.

You will never regret smiling or laughing.

Learning How to Be Happy in Life Means Finding joy in small moments. 

Finding joy in the little things is not always easy. It seems like all our time and energy goes into work, family, friends, projects…you name it! There are so many minor instances throughout our lives where we lose sight of what matters most: life itself.  

Learning how to be happy with yourself is crucial to everyday contentment. Being content and at peace with your life allows more happiness in.

The first step is to look for joy in everyday activities that might typically go unnoticed – such as seeing the changing leaves or hearing laughter from across the room. Finding the small moments is key to how to be happy in life.

You can find small moments everywhere. Sharing moments with loved ones, a hug, sitting by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa, your morning coffee brewing. Joy can be found anywhere if we choose and train ourselves to look for it.

Do something nice for someone else. 

Did you know that when we do something kind for another person, especially without expecting anything back from them, brings feelings of joy and happiness flood through us? Think paying for someone’s coffee in the morning. We naturally want to treat others well because life is so much better when everyone’s enjoying themselves! 

Ways to do something nice for someone else include regularly volunteering. Writing a letter to your grandma and send her some pictures; she may not be expecting them. Bring cookies to your neighbor, cook a casserole for the elderly lady down the street or pick up your child early from school one day and have a one-on-one day with them. Doing something nice for someone else is a win-win situation.

Try an activity that is great for kids but also therapeutic for you as an adult. 

Not only will your kids enjoy the quality time, but these activities are also oddly therapeutic as an adult. Painting, coloring, playing with playdoh, baking, doing crafts. If you don’t have kids, this works just as great too, don’t knock it until you try it! Go with a friend to a wine and paint class, take a pottery class, get a coloring book made for adults.

Sometimes we have to learn how to be happy again and what happiness means. Going back to our childhood may help in finding happiness as an adult. What did you love as a kid? Exploring what made us happy as a child may offer clues and benefit us as adults
Be kind to yourself

If you want to learn to be happy with life, you must learn how to be happy with yourself and control the negative self-talk. It’s damaging. Would you speak to your child or friend as you speak to your inner self? Let’s hope that is a no. Speak to yourself as you would to a friend or your children. Negative thoughts will show through your life and become a habit. Learn to treat yourself with some respect.

Go outside. 

One of the best ways to be happy is by getting out into nature, where you will be exposed to natural light (get natural vitamin D) as well as fresh air. Sit outside for your morning coffee, watch your kids outside play, walk your dog, have an old-fashioned picnic by the lake or park. Not only because it gives us exercise but also because we get reconnected with the outdoors. 


You have heard it a million times, but your body and brain need exercise to be happy. You do not have to hit the gym for hours at a time (if that is what makes you happy, by all means), but something as simple as walking will up your endorphins and serotonin levels. 

Eat food that makes you feel good. 

Food that makes you feel good makes you feel better, and it really is simple as that. A good diet full of colorful, antioxidant-rich foods will make you feel great, look better, your skin will look amazing. 

Learning How to be Happy means taking care of your body. Eating foods that make you feel good is so important to overall happiness.

Highly processed foods make us bloated, tired and our skin looks dull and makes us age faster. However, if a cheeseburger brings you satisfaction, eat a cheeseburger every once in a while. But treat your body well, it’s the only one you have, and you want it to last as long as you can ???? 

Be mindful in everything you do 

Mindfulness means being always aware; it’s about living in the moment without judgment (or self-judgment!). Simply by focusing on what’s happening right now instead of thinking ahead or worrying about things from long ago, we significantly increase our happiness quotient! So, focus your attention on what you’re doing now and how it feels to be alive.

Give selflessly

Many people need help in this world. From homeless families living on the street to children with cancer. Even something as small as babysitting for your single friend so they can have some time to regroup. Volunteering is an excellent way of feeling good about oneself. We find our own personal peace of mind by making others happy too. With that said, when we give without expecting anything in return (even a thank you), life seems much more fulfilling and joyous than ever before.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration and tips on how to be happy in life. It can take a lot of time, effort, and patience, but it is worth the journey. Happiness is work and a state of mind! 

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