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NYC Themed Restaurants-Fun, Quirky & Delicious!

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New York City is home to loads and loads of restaurants, diners, cafes, and bars, each carrying its own “tagline” aesthetic or signature dish. But, some NYC themed restaurants are fun and uniquely quirky.

Restaurants like the Beetle House—catering and inspired by the Tim Burton movies—have taken the world by storm with their exceptional thematic design and welcoming atmosphere.

And that’s not all!

There are more NYC-themed restaurants waiting to be explored, each boasting its decadent dishes, memorabilia, and thematic target that inspires all who step through their doors.

Take a look at the 12 best-themed restaurants in New York City below and prepare yourself for an invigorating and inspiring experience filled with tasty food, excellent service, and a one-of-a-kind adventure. 

Themed Restaurants in New York City

There are many unique restaurants in New York City, but these 12 best New York City-themed restaurants take the cake.

Serendipity 3

You must head to the famous NYC themed restaurant Serendipity 3!
Photo Courtesy of Serendipity 3, 2022
Serendipity 3 has one of the most colorful NYC themed restaurants
Photo Courtesy of Serendipity 3, 2022

A NYC themed restaurant featuring world-famous frozen hot chocolate among other decadent desserts on the menu, Serendipity 3 is the old-school home of mouth-wateringly delicious food and desserts. Many famous celebrities have walked through the doors of Serendipity 3 to get a taste of its renowned menu items, so why shouldn’t you!

The fun, colorful aesthetic of Serendipity 3 makes for a joyous occasion with family and friends over sundaes and burgers. Taking guests back to the old days where two straws in a sundae were the ultimate and classic romantic date, here at Serendipity 3, it’ll take two to finish these pleasingly large sundaes!

Try the Outrageous Banana Split featuring vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream topped with two bananas, walnut, peanuts, hot fudge, whipped cream, caramel, cherry, and chocolate shavings—we can feel the brain freeze coming already!

To appease your hunger, order the Footlong Hot Dog with variations such as the Chili Cheese Dog and the Bacon Cheese Dog. Place an order for a classic American Cheeseburger or the Infamous Truffle Burger for a delicious start to your meal at Serendipity 3—where each dish brings undeniably delightful flavor to your taste buds.

Make reservations for Serendipity 3 here.

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain
photo courtesy of Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

An old-school soda shop, Brooklyn Farmacy sells egg creams and dispenses countertop classics in a former pharmacy setting. Sundaes, sodas, and ice cream floats are all served fresh and cold over Brooklyn Farmacy’s vintage counters.

Here, at Brooklyn Farmacy, previously known as Longos Pharmacy, where two generations of pharmacists owned the building from 1900-1960, guests walk through the squeaky-clean doors for a delightful afternoon treat. Now a thriving soda fountain, Brooklyn Farmacy welcomes many through its doors.

Take a seat on any of the nine red twirling stools and order the Rocket milkshake, combining Brooklyn roasting espresso spun into a coffee ice cream milkshake.

Sit down at one of the booths with the family, ordering a round of specialty sundaes like the Sundae of Broken Dreams, featured in the NY Times Wordplay. This undeniably tasty sundae combines crushed pretzels with warm caramel, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream.

Brooklyn Farmacy is a welcoming NYC-themed restaurant serving any with an appetite, so don’t forget to bring it when you stop in for a visit!

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain is a first-come-first-serve.

Address: 513 Henry Street Brooklyn New York

Beetle House NYC

Heavily inspired by the Tim Burton movies, Beetle House is a NYC-themed restaurant and bar where year-round every day is a celebration of Halloween!

Combining themes of Edgar Allen Poe, Washing Irving, Alred Hitchcock, Tim Burton, and Gram Stoker- the atmosphere at Beetle House is a thematic ambiance that invigorates the senses. A safe space for goths, punks, weirdos, artists, visitors, and more, where they can feel welcomed as they enter the Beetle House.

Here everyone bolsters an imaginative and fun costume to express their inner Halloween-er punk or goth thematic mood.

All of the menu items are thematically inspired to fit their aesthetic. Take a gander at the menu, and you’ll be pleased to find each item has an innovative name for a scrumptious selection.

Start the night with The Beetle’s Juice, a mixture of muddled blackberry, tequila, and cranberry juice. Or try Alice’s Cup O’ Tea, sloshing together rum, gin, tequila, peach vodka, and peach schnapps for a refreshing combination.

At the Beetle House, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options are available for most menu items. Don’t be too frightened by your server’s costume to ask what the options are for your diet preference!

Book Reservations at the Beetle House here (highly recommended)

Alice’s Tea Cup

The most whimsical tea house in all of New York City, Alice’s Tea Cup aspires to conjure a magical experience for every guest that steps through its doors.

Modeled after Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland,” Alice’s Tea Cup has welcomed celebrities like Madonna, Julia Roberts, John Oliver, and more.

Three-tiered trays full of scones, cookies, cake, and cucumber sandwiches sit on tables, waiting to be paired with afternoon tea served soothingly hot in fancy teapots. The atmosphere at Alice’s Tea Cup promotes a warm and inviting ambiance that welcomes comfort to everyone sitting for a cup of tea.

Ready for a relaxing afternoon with tea, scone, and book in hand? Order an item under Alice’s Afternoon Tea selections, paired with homemade scones, decadent desserts, and imaginative sandwich creations—all on three-tiered trays!

Have an appetite? Place an order for the Lapsang Souchong Smoked Chicken Breast, stacked with slices of granny smith apple, herbed goat cheese, and green on seven-grain bread, paired with your side choice of mixed greens or crunchy paprika fries.

If you’re looking for a soothing sit-down experience with tea at hand and snacks at the ready, Alice’s Tea Cup is the place to visit in New York City.

Reservations for Alice Tea Cup are recommended here.

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The Cauldron Co.

The Cauldron Co. is one the most unique restaurants in NYC.
Photo courtesy of the Cauldron Co.

A fantasy-inspired bar and restaurant, The Cauldron Co. is a unique restaurant in NYC. This magical pub pop-up is located inside Bavaria Bierhaus, a Bavarian-style restaurant.

At The Cauldron Co., guests have the opportunity to create their own drinks, mixing together their favorite combinations into one!

With available Potion Making classes, guests at The Cauldron Co. can join an immersive cocktail class, but first, guests have to whip on their cloaks and wield a magic wand! During the class, guests will use molecular mixology to brew and conjure together drinkable elixirs that satisfy and refresh.

This experience combines the brewing of two molecular cocktails out of a wide selection of options, each boasting its own magical properties and effects. They even change seasonally to keep interactions lively and enchanting!

Looking for an alcohol-free refresher? Join The Cauldron Co. for Wizard Afternoon Tea! This bewitching afternoon tea experience combines functioning magic wands to brew and stew together innovative teas and treats for the witching fun afternoon experience.

Guests won’t leave hungry with the bonus of a specially crafted selection of desserts, sandwiches, and a scone. Prepare your appetite, and it’s about to get witchy!

Book your tickets to Cauldron Co. tea or potion class here.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

One of many cool-themed restaurants in NYC, this multi-level diner combines a retro ‘50s theme with singing servers and an expansive menu filled with American classics. Home to the original world-famous singing waitstaff, Ellen’s Stardust Diner has a widely known reputation as one of the best theme restaurants in all of New York.

Scattered with retro-themed memorabilia and past Miss Subways, a popular monthly selection of “girl next door” women who rode the subway from 1941-1976, this retro diner has it all. An indoor train chugs along a 1956 Predicta television and a drive-in theater screen that plays 1950s performances, joining the memorabilia collection.

Many of Ellen’s Stardust Diner’s singing wait staff have become successful in their endeavors, expanding to Broadway and American Idol. Stop in for talented singing from the waitstaff along with All Day Breakfast menu items such as Challah French Toast, Eggs Benedict, and a refreshing Mimosa.

Stop in for lunch and dinner to order Rachel’s Mac & Cheese, a classic Grilled American Cheese Sandwich, or the Jimmy Fallon Combo, a cheeseburger and banana health shake featuring fresh bananas, wheat germ, skim milk, and nonfat frozen yogurt.

Ellens Stardust Diner is first-come-first serve, you can view the menu while you wait here.

Mom’s Kitchen and Bar

This NYC themed restaurant is a hot spot for cocktails, shakes, all-day brunch, and comfort food. Mom’s Kitchen and Bar brags a playful take on food and setting with an undeniably imaginative aesthetic. Indulgent eats are guaranteed when guests walk through the doors of Mom’s Kitchen and Bar.

Locals and tourists alike make time to gather at Mom’s Kitchen and Bar for Mom’s Bigmouth Shakes like the Mr. Fluffeleupagus. The Mr. Fluffeleupagus Bigmouth Shake stacks chocolate ice cream, peanut butter chips, caramel, chocolate, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and marshmallow fluff onto one bangin’ shake. Guests can make these treats boozy for a fee!

Try menu item combinations at Mom’s Kitchen and Bar that you’d never imagined together, like the sweet and savory Mac & Cheese Pancakes drizzled with Cholula honey. The Heavy Metal Fries are a great starter to your meal, topping the fries with cheese curds, chopped chives, peppercorn gravy, sriracha, and pickled onion.

Mom’s Kitchen and Bar knows how to bring flavor, energy, and fun to the building. The booming business even provides alternative options for vegans and vegetarians!

Moms Kitchen and Bar is first-come, first serve, you can view the menu here.


A trendy restaurant and lounge serving Southern and Puerto Rican comfort-style foods, Beatstro displays a wild and creative aesthetic. The graffiti art, like the subway car mural showcased above the open kitchen, presents a speakeasy concept and interpretation of Hip-Hop block parties—before the music genre came to fame.

Bright green walls and shelves line the interior, and behind the velvet curtain, guests can walk into a stylish room filled with Andre Trenier artwork. The interior setting of Beatstro is just the beginning. The menu itself flaunts a cross-cultural blend of food styles.

Start your meal with the Alcapurria—yuca, guava dip, and picadillo—or the Crispy Creole Coconut Shrimp paired with bourbon cocktail sauce—yum! Get a taste of the Mac Bar with dishes like the Lobster Mac—slopping together claw meat, garlic breadcrumbs, and cheddar sauce.

Lay some money down for a grand spankin’ good meal of Crispy Catfish—Locrio shrimp fried rice, Beatstro sauce, and kimchi—or the Churrasco—grilled skirt steak, grilled onions, fried yucca, and chimichurri.

At Beatstro the tastebud-pleasing options are endless. Take a seat and start chowing down!

Reservations are highly recommended at Beatsro and can be made here.

Le Boudoir

This one of a kind themed restaurant in NYC is worth the visit
Photo, Le Boudoir, 2022

This NYC-themed restaurant takes sexy to another level. Decorated and styled after Marie Antoinette’s chambers, Le Boudoir pairs cocktails with live jazz in this uniquely cozy setting. Step into Le Boudoir’s doors on a Friday or Saturday evening for a burlesque show for a fun and expertly curated performance.

Le Boudoir offers a seasonal menu to produce only the freshest items and ingredients for its customers. The rococo setting paired with exceptional service and delightful eats makes for an enigmatic and unparalleled experience at the one-of-a-kind Le Boudoir!

Reservations for Le Boudoir are highly recommended and can be made here.

Harlem Shake NYC

A fast-casual diner-themed location peppered with retro Harlem photos, Harlem Shake’s menu features items that are sophisticatedly crafted with a simple touch.

Dishes like the Harlem Classic Burger—stacked with classic beef or turkey, American cheese, onions, pickles, and Harlem Shake’s special sauce— are one of them.

And that’s not all!

Harlem Shake is incredibly popular for its organic shakes made using Blue Marble Ice Cream. The signature Harlem Shake organic shake is a creamy and mouth-wateringly delicious red velvet masterpiece waiting to be slurped up.

Using only the highest quality ingredients for their all-beef hot dogs, grilled melted, and handmade shakes, Harlem Shake doesn’t mess around when it comes to their food and customers! Toast to good times with Harlem Shake’s extensive beer and wine selection featuring local choices over lip-smackin’ good food.

Harlem Shake is first-come-first-serve, you can fund the menu here.

Koneko Cat Café

A Japanese-inspired cat cafe, Koneko Cat Café exudes a bright and upbeat ambiance along with adorable felines!

Offering homemade Japanese snacks paired with sustainable coffee, at Koneko Cat Café each menu item is served with love—and don’t be surprised when a friendly feline says hello. These cute cats love a good petting or friendly companion by their side. At Koneko Cat Café, there’s nothing quite like a Matcha Crack Pie or Okonomiyaki paired with a purring kitty on your lap.

Make reservations for Koneko Cat Cafe here.

Kellogg’s Diner

Kellogg's Diner is one of the oldest NYC themed restaurants.

In business for almost a century, Kellogg’s Diner emphasizes fresh and healthy Greek and American cuisine in a diner-themed setting.

Open 24 hours a day, at Kellogg’s Diner, guests, have the option of a range of foods varying from breakfast items to char-broiled hamburgers and homemade soups—and much more!

All kinds of food options are available at this popular food joint. All-natural Greek strained yogurt, homemade soups, roast brisket, chicken parmigiana, broiled shrimp scampi, cheesecake, and milkshakes are only some of the few diverse food items available on their menu.

If you like plenty of options when you go out to eat, and want a classic NYC themed restaurant, Kellogg’s Diner is the spot for you!

Kellogg’s Diner is first-come, first serve, the menu can be found here.

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