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Romantic Things to do in NYC | Best NYC Date Ideas of 2023

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Looking for the perfect New York City date idea to make a special someone feel that spark of romance? Whether you’re newly dating, on honeymoon, looking for some new impressive NYC date ideas, or having a special anniversary, New York City is packed with romantic nooks and crannies; you just need to know where to go!

Romantic things to do in NYC. Featured Images, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Skyline
Photo: Spyarm Getty Images Pro

We have compiled and brainstormed a list of ideas for the most romantic things to do in NYC for you and your love.

We tried to think a little out-of-the-box with specific spots and NYC restaurants so you can have an exact and exciting plan for your date or night out on the town.

Be sure to read the “extra NYC date ideas” highlighted along the way!

Drinks & Dinner at The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel from Central Park
The Plaza Hotel Central Park View, Photo Rabbit75

The historic Plaza Hotel NYC is definitely one of the great gems of the city. Located near Central Park and Fifth Avenue, this iconic luxury hotel has a long list of famous guests who have stayed in its luxurious rooms over the years.

Throughout its century-long history, it has served as the backdrop for many novels, films, and other forms of media, adding to its allure.

One of the most romantic things to do in NYC is to have the ultimate experience at the Plaza. Stay in one of the elegant rooms with dazzling chandeliers, treat your love to a spa experience then stroll Central Park which is across the way.

Whether you choose to stay at the iconic Plaza Hotel or reserve a date night here at this iconic hotel, the Champagne Room at the Plaza is worth consideration.

In the late evenings and nights, the Champagne Room transforms into a luxurious place to celebrate with family, and friends, or the ultimate date idea in NYC.

Sip frosty glasses of premium champagne, and have a champagne flight while enjoying delectable treats like caviar and divine wines. Share small plates or a seafood tower for a sensual experience.

And don’t miss out on the views – guests can sip their drinks while marveling at the grandiose Pulitzer Fountain and Fifth Avenue right outside the window. Reservations are highly recommended here.

“I only drink champagne on two occasions,
when I am in love & when I am not.

Coco Chanel

For a more relaxed date idea, the day hours at the Champagne Room are perfect for a leisurely indulgence into decadent pastries and delightful snacks complimented by specialty coffees that’ll make your morning even brighter with your date.

Central Park Picnic

Belvedere Castle in Central Park. One of the most romantic things o do in New York City
Belvedere Castle Central Park. Photo Rabbit75_cav

A picnic in Central Park is one of the most romantic things to do in New York City. Enjoy the vibrant colors of nature while snacking on your favorite foods in a beautiful setting.

Invite a loved one to view city views and landscapes that provide an ideal backdrop for photos and conversations, as Central Park offers incredible open green spaces, gorgeous bodies of water, and natural features like trees, footpaths, romantic bridges like Bow Bridge, and certain landmarks that add charm.

Top spots in Central Park to have a picnic:

  1. Great Lawn at 79th Street and 85th Street. 55 acres of open space.
  2. Sheep Meadow at W. 66th Street and W. 69th Street. This area is known as a Central Park “quiet zone”
  3. Belvedere Castle at 79th Street. This is our personal favorite picnic spot. You can see the city skyline, parts of Central Park, and the Belvedere Castle in the background.
  4. Bow Bridge at 72nd street. This bridge is the most romantic and recognizable location in Central Park and the perfect location for a Central Park picnic

We order a picnic (and highly recommend it because the food is amazing) from Perfect Picnic on the Upper West Side in close proximity to Central Park. You can order an entire picnic complete with everything you need, Brunch picnics, or individual made-to-order picnics.

If you want to up your romance, have Perfect Picnic set up an entire picnic in the most amazing spots in Central Park and all you have to do is arrive with your date. You can see the picnic experiences here.

Take a Romantic Helicopter Ride Over NYC

Take a helicopter ride over NYC is once of the most romantic things to to in NYC
Brooklyn Bridge New York City from Helicopter Tour. Photo Oneinchpunch

For one of the most romantic things to do in NYC, nothing compares to a couple’s helicopter ride. The twinkling lights of the skyline from above will truly take your breath away as you and your romantic companion soar high over iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

While onboard, you’ll also be able to experience something that residents living on the ground never can- awe-dropping bird’s eye views of vibrant rivers, infinite horizons, and famous monuments that stretch for miles. A romantic helicopter ride over NYC is an unforgettable experience that will make your special moment together one to remember forever.

New York City helicopter rides come in small group tours for a budget-friendly ride or private couples tours for an intimate experience. You can find the best, refundable helicopter tours here.

Skyline Drive-in

Located on the East River with killer views of the Manhattan skyline. Skyline Drive-In is the perfect place for a cozy date if you’re looking for unique old-school romantic things to do in NYC.

For your date, first, buy your tickets online before heading in. Then, once you arrive, park your car and tune in to listen to the movie’s sound from your car’s stereo system.

If you don’t have a vehicle, Skyline Drive-In offers an outdoor seating area with chairs, or you can bring a plush blanket to sit on. You can choose the option between walking or biking together to enjoy the skyline views on your way to the movie.

Before the movie, head to the concession stands for your favorite movie-time snacks and drinks. Then, prepare to cozy up and snuggle for a romantic activity with views of the Manhattan skyline surrounding you!

New York City Observation Decks

there are plenty of fun things to do for couples in NYC but a classic is an observations deck.
Extreme Photographer Getty Images Signature

There are plenty of fun things to do for couples in NYC but a classic is an observations deck. There is something magical about New York City observation decks and seeing the city from a bird’s eye view. Seeing some of the best views of New York City at sunset from above is one of the best NYC date ideas.

Observation Decks in New York City: This is a complete guide of the five observation decks in NYC, the classics, and the modern. There might be a deck that entices you more. Each one has unique characteristics, views, and qualities. You can find the article HERE.

  • Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock. This is a classic New York City observation deck where many romantic movies have taken place for many love confessions. The Top of the Rock Observation Deck, at Rockefeller Center in New York City, is one of the most romantic spots in the city. Couples delight in sweeping 360-degree views of Manhattan, Queens, and the iconic Empire State Building – all while enjoying a gorgeous sunset. Art Deco-style elevators whisk you up to the stunning three-tiered observation decks and an outdoor terrace. Visiting the Top of the Rock Observation Deck is definitely one of the best romantic things to do in NYC! Book your skip-the-line tickets here.

  • Summit One NYC. Explore the thrill of new heights on the modern observation deck at the top of the tallest skyscraper in Midtown, New York City.  The wrap-around terrace offers impactful views of New York City, the Empire State Building, and clear views of the Chrysler Building. A cozy area with a burning fire to sit down to chat over drinks from the Nordic-style cafe, Apres. Keep the thrill going on Levitation, two glass ledges that stretch out to suspend over Madison Avenue, or on Ascent, the world’s largest external glass-bottomed elevator. Summit One observation deck is the perfect NYC date idea for immersive interaction, taking amazing photos together, and feeling the thrill of sunset over Manhattan. Find your experience at Summit One NYC here.

Read More on Summit One NYC: This is New York City’s other modern and newest observation deck. It’s an art installation, in addition to three levels of experiences, New York views, glass elevators, and indoor and outdoor observation decks. Read the Summit One NYC guide HERE.

  • Empire State Building Observation Deck. The Empire State Building’s observation deck is one of the best, classic NYC date ideas possible. With breathtaking, panoramic views of the Big Apple and the world beyond, visitors can spend hours losing themselves in the spectacular skyline; it’s a perfect way to share in an experience and make memories together that will last forever. We recommend skip-the-line tickets, this is New York City’s most popular attraction.

  • The Edge NYC. If you’re looking for the ultimate New York experience, Edge NYC is the place for you! At 1100 feet high, it’s the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere with 360° unparalleled views of all five boroughs. You’ll be standing on a glass floor like no other, overlooking the picturesque streets of NYC from 100 stories straight up. Make sure to lean out on one of the angled glass walls while you sip some champagne and take in breathtaking sights, from the tip of Central Park all the way to Lady Liberty!

City Climb at the Edge NYC: If you want to take your love to new heights, book City Climb for the absolute most thrilling NYC date idea. City Climb at the Edge NYC allows participants to scale the outside of a skyscraper more than 1,200 feet (366 meters) above the ground, then lean out and look down from the highest outdoor platform in the city. See the experience of City Climb at the Edge here.

  • One World Observatory is the perfect date idea in NYC for couples looking to make it a special night out. Imagine taking in stunning 360-degree views of the entire city – from the highest building in the western hemisphere – with your date by your side. At One World Observatory, you can take in iconic sights and panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline that will truly leave you breathless. A date here makes for the perfect romantic night out while providing a unique opportunity to have those special moments you won’t forget.

Date Idea NYC: On the World Trade Center campus is Eataly NYC Downtown. For dinner before or after your trip to One World, Eataly has a couple of romantic restaurants, Firenze Ristorante Toscano, La Pizza (with fantastic window views), and Vino Wine Bar. Plus shopping for Italian goods such as wine, pastries, and groceries.

NYC Skyline Sailboat or Yacht Cruise

For romantic things to do in New York City, few experiences can compare with that of a skyline cruise. The iconic skyscrapers of Manhattan are best experienced by taking an evening tour along the Hudson or East river, giving couples the opportunity to take in the romantic lights and sights around Manhattan’s waterfront.

It’s an ideal way to add some sparkle to a romantic evening out since cruises generally offer music and panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the breathtaking NYC skyline.

The best New York City skyline cruises:

  • Budget-Friendly Cruise. This budget-friendly cruise will sail within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, cruise under the Brooklyn Bridge, pass South Street Seaport, take in the skyline of Lower Manhattan from both the east and the west sides, and have a magnificent view of the Freedom Tower. Find the recommended cruise here!
  • NYC Sunset Schooner Cruise. See the spectacular New York City sunset from the water aboard a beautiful 80-foot sailing ship. Feel the magic of the sunset while taking in the glittering cityscape along the Hudson River while sipping a cocktail. See the recommended sunset Schooner Adirondack sail here.
  • La Barca All-Inclusive Mexican Dinner Cruise. This cruise is the most fun NYC date idea, a personal favorite, and surprisingly very affordable. Experience NYC’s first and only floating Mexican Restaurant. Cruise by the NYC skyline while enjoying the flavors of Mexico and margaritas! See the all-inclusive Mexican dinner cruise here!
  • Spirit of New York Cruise. Dine aboard the Spirit of New York during this sightseeing cruise experience. Enjoy an extensive buffet brunch, lunch, or dinner while cruising the Hudson and East Rivers with 360-degree sights like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State, and Brooklyn Bridge. See the Spirit of New York here!

Golf at Swingers

A one-of-a-kind experience, setting up an NYC date night at golf at Swingers can be just the intimate touch needed for a romantic date full of teasing and competitive spirit.

“Swingers” is a British term for “crazy golf,” a version of mini golf where the holes are located in slopes, mounds, and hills. And here, at Swingers, crazy golf is taken to a new level!

This fun take on crazy golf features top gourmet street-food vendors, live DJ music, and cocktail creations designed by expert mixologists for a time of thrill and fun. Be prepared to laugh at failed attempts and find yourself impressed by hole-in-ones, which may or may not have been on purpose. Find more info on Swinger Golf Club here.

Have an Experience

New York City is full of experiences that couples can enjoy together and can be quite fun and entertaining. You may even be pleasantly surprised at how well done these experiences are, even though they are made for the tourist industry. We personally have enjoyed them and would actually do them again.

Here are some fun NYC couples activities and experiences worth booking:

  • The Friends Experience. This fun NYC date idea will have you falling into the lovable characters of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe by immersing yourself in two floors of interactive exhibits built around their beloved television show. Get perfect Instagram shots with these incredible opportunities for photo-ops – posing on the iconic orange couch, seated at Monica and Rachel’s kitchen table, and reliving the laughs from Joey and Chandler’s apartment. Explore the lives of these six friends and bring back the nostalgia that will last forever!
  • RiseNY the Experience. RiseNY invites visitors of all kinds to explore the development of New York City over time through an exciting and immersive journey. Starting with a captivating film, the journey will then continue through seven museum-style galleries, offering insight into the influence that art, music, fashion, and more have had on the progressive city’s evolution. This unique experience culminates in a beautiful view from aerial observation – providing you with a fresh perspective of how iconic landmarks, legendary buildings, and transformative developments have shaped New York’s history.
  • ARTECHOUSE Immersive Art Experience. Entering ARTECHOUSE NYC is an opportunity to experience digital art like never before! This multi-sensory gallery showcases the micro and macro of interactive art across a range of creative disciplines. Walk through fascinating visual exhibitions designed by artists who draw on art, science, and technology to present thought-provoking works that push boundaries. Marvel at large-scale pieces exploring color, light, motion, and more as you explore the world of digital creativity!

NYC Fun Date Ideas: The Friends Experience NYC. We went to the Friends Experience NYC, the flagship experience, right when it opened, and we must say it was done so well and it was amazing. If you are a Friends fan or even slightly, it’s fun to go through, take photos, be silly, and have a great time. It’s well worth it and highly recommended. We wouldn’t mind going back it was so much fun. You can read our review of the Friends Experience NYC here.

Roosevelt Island

Taking the Roosevelt Island tram to the Graduate Hotel is a romantic thing to do in NYC for your loved one, and an out-of-the box experience.
Photo Courtesy of Graduate Hotel

An island near Manhattan, Roosevelt Island is full of impactful history and favored attractions. To experience the best of Roosevelt Island for a romantic trip, stay at the Graduate Hotel.

A scholastic-inspired hotel located at the Cornell Tech campus, the Graduate Hotel can be accessed by the Roosevelt Tram which offers amazing views for a subway ride swipe or by Ferry.

A stay at this modern hotel with futuristic themes features inspiring scenery of Queens, Manhattan, and the New York City skyline. Relax in rooms designed with touches of Americana with traces of Roosevelt Island history and the core of the hotel’s home, Cornell Tech.

Enjoy a romantic meal and end the night with drinks and tapas at the Panorama Room, the hotel’s restaurant, rooftop bar, and lounge featuring panoramic views of New York City.

Head to Brooklyn

For a fun NYC date night and romance, grab a bottle of wine, then head over to Lucali in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn for thin-crust pizza and BYOB wine and beer.

Lucali is a highly favored neighborhood eatery that encourages guests to bring their favorite beer or wine to pair with the establishment’s famous upscale brick-oven thin-crust pizzas. The stylishly designed eatery offers a dimly-lit intimacy that heightens its romantic appeal.

Once dinner is served, and the bill is paid, take a trip to Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The pedestrian walkway is a popular spot for people looking to enjoy the stunning scenery of downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the East River. There are benches to sit, relax, chat, and take in the views at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, so you can spend one-on-one time with your romantic partner before ending the night.

NYC Date Night Idea: A walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and into DUMBO is a fun NYC date idea. At Brooklyn Bridge park, you can grab a to-go order (features many of New York’s favorite eateries) at Time-Out Market, or a pizza at Juliana’s and eat by the Brooklyn Bridge with amazing Mantahhan views. Recreate a romantic movie scene at the Brooklyn Bridge Park roller rink, or ride the Jane’s Carousel. After, get a scoop at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and fantastic couples photos at the intersection of Washinton Street and Water Street. You can hire a photographer to capture this moment in Brooklyn here!

Day Trip to Untermyer Gardens Conservatory

Untermyer Park and Gardens is a picturesque city park in Yonkers, New York. Located just north of NYC, Untermyer Gardens Conservatory is a hidden gem and well worth the short trip.

This 43-acre estate features a restored garden- the Walled Garden, a picturesque and tranquil Indo-Persian-inspired garden, and the Vista, dramatic tree-lined stairs that cascade down to a breathtaking overlook of the Hudson River and Palisades.

While one hour is plenty of time for taking in all that the park has to offer, we suggest strolling at an unhurried pace so you can fully appreciate the unique charm and atmosphere of this inviting spot.

Another feature of the Conservatory is a small yet stunning Grecian amphitheater where you can celebrate a little romance in New York by enjoying music, a play, or even getting married.

Climb the “The Temple of Love” – a stunning rock-and-water feature that then extends to a well as a long staircase from the Walled Garden to an overlook with magnificent views of the Hudson River and the Palisades (particularly fantastic in fall).

Plan your trip to the Untermyer Gardens Conservatory here.

Explore Little Island And City Winery

Photo: Michael Grimm. Little Island Park

Located in Hudson River Park, Little Island Park is a refreshing new island public park designed to be an urban oasis for New Yorkers, tourists, and tons of NYC couples activities with greenery, art, walkways, concerts, performances, and plenty of romance.

Impressive displays of nature and art are carefully placed into the landscape that features pathways that wind through rolling hills with the river backdrop that, if time correctly, is accompanied by sunsets or sunrises.

Find events, concerts, and performances at Little Island Park >>

After an intimate stroll throughout Little Island, or attending a performance or art show, continue to Pier 57 Rooftop, one of New York City’s most prominent public rooftop parks. 

Pier 57 is a two-floor outdoor area with acres of open lawn space, restaurants, a mission-driven food hall, and scenic views of the Hudson River. This newly opened hangout spot is excellent for enjoying the inspiring scenery of downtown Manhattan and the Hudson River paired with great company.

Date Ideas NYC: City Winery is a two-minute walk from Little Island Park for live music, exceptional wine, top-quality food, and exceptional views of Little Island and the Hudson River. This intimate venue setting along the Hudson River provides waterfront dining to enjoy with your partner over food and drinks with live music and comedy shows to listen to and laugh over!


One of the most intriguing, educational yet romantic things to do in New York City is a date night in the inquisitive appeal surrounded by more than 5,000 years of art and history, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). 

As the largest art museum in America and one of the largest in the world, the MET has established itself as a prime museum full of over two million pieces of art to admire together and its collections and grand architecture have an immense and mysterious romantic appeal perfect for date night in New York City.

Take your time exploring the impressive art pieces throughout the museum before heading upstairs to the roof for cocktails and amazing views of Central Park (if the season permits). The Cantor Roof Garden Bar previously named the Roof Garden Café and Martini Bar is located on the fifth floor. Some miss this amazing rooftop bar with the most fantastic views of Central Park and the skyline.

This is a popular spot to view the enchanting sunsets and views of Central Park over refreshing cocktails and food surrounded by vibrant greenery.

The MET Cloisters

Photo Courtesy of The MET, 2023

The MET Cloisters is a fun NYC date idea that is different from any other date. Its a fantastic day trip too.
Photo Courtesy of The MET, 2023

The MET Cloisters is on the northern tip of Manhattan, with its convenient proximity to both the 1 subway and A subway lines is absolutely one of the most romantic things to do in New York City, not to mention incredibly impressive.

Surrounding this oasis that overlooks the Hudson River, framed by beautiful Palisades in the background the Cloisters make for a fun, out-of-the-box date idea in NYC.

Stepping through its preserved medieval archways transports you to a world of beauty, serenity, and awe-inspiring art. Guests can appreciate faithful recreations of French monasteries and abbeys from eons past, taking in the museum’s thoughtful collection of art representative of the era.

Plan your trip to the MET Cloisters here.

Have A NYC Coffee Date

One of the country’s largest independent coffee companies, Ralph’s Coffee has established itself in the coffee world, going so far as to create the world’s first textured iced latte, Draft Latte. Ralph Lauren began opening coffee shops and trucks in 2014 around the world to bring people together and step away from the chaos of city life.

Step over to this curated welcoming space that overlooks St. Patricks Cathedral for a date surrounded by warmth and fresh scents of coffee. Grab a cup of Ralph’s special blends, from espresso to decaf made with organically grown beans, and settle down in a cozy atmosphere with your partner.

Though we love Ralphs, here are some other New York City coffee spots for a date to consider:

  • Dominique Ansel Bakery for perfectly made pastries, desserts, coffees, or flowering hot chocolate.
  • Maman, adorable french countryside-inspired coffee shops are filled with romance and beauty. Maman offers a selection of delicious baked goods, coffee, fresh breakfast and lunch options; and seated lunch, and brunch for the perfect New York City date idea. One must try their coffee with their famous nutty chocolate chip cookies.
  • Poetica Coffee (our fav the Windsor Terrace – Prospect Park West location)
  • Cafe Atelier. In this adorable shop, you can pick up fresh bouquets of flowers and drink the perfect latte with a perfectly formed heart on the top for a very romantic coffee date in NYC.

Have a Romantic Brunch

A romantic brunch is one of the best things to do in NYC for couples
Photo courtesy of RH Rooftop 2023

One of THE BEST things to do in NYC for couples is a romantic brunch date. NYC brunch is always a good idea and you can never go wrong with mimosas.

Our recommendations for an intimate brunch are, the Cabin NYC, Da Andrea, and RH Rooftop Restaurant are the best NYC date spots for great vibes and even better brunch foods.

The Cabin NYC is established in New York City’s prominent East Village. The design of this New American restaurant is unique, featuring birch trees, leather banquettes, rustic wood walls, and dim lighting for an intimate brunch spot with a cottage-styled setting. A variety of specialty cocktails are offered at the full-service bar, with the main menu serving American classics with a fun, mouth-wateringly delicious twist. Reservations are highly recommended here!

Set a brunch date at a prevalent Italian restaurant featuring traditionally made meals at Da Andrea. The cozy and welcoming ambiance establishes a feeling of comfort and relaxation as you and your date settle down for a meal. Inside is a rustic setting and table that empowers a sense of intimacy between romantic partners over meals made from scratch with heart and hard work. Reservations are a must and can be found here.

Another favorable (and our favorite) date spot in NYC for a brunch choice is RH Rooftop Restaurant. This rooftop restaurant features New York City skyline views with a sophisticated meal underneath extravagant sparkling chandeliers. This stunning restaurant is on the sixth floor of a design gallery in the historic Meatpacking District. Meal options are dedicated to classics crafted to tasty perfection. Reservations are highly recommended here.

NYC Rooftop Brunch. Need more rooftop brunch ideas, we have some good ones. Brunch in NYC is always a good idea but level it up with a rooftop and a view, oh, and bottomless mimosas! Find your NYC rooftop brunch guide HERE.

Have Dinner at Freemans

Make a reservation for dinner Freemans where Colonial tavern decor and American fare meet New York City. This little restaurant with a perfect shade of blue door at the entrance is the best date ideas in NYC.

This cozy space is hidden away in a graffitied alley, offering peace for you and your date. Rustic Old World traditions and cuisine inspire the foods, and since its founding, Freemans has become a favored restaurant in the Manhattan area.

The intimate rooms offer a unique style unlike anywhere else, intimate lighting, woodwork, and a soul-warming menu. Freemans is a great place to grab dinner (or brunch with fun photos in Freeman Alley with your date), featuring seasonally fresh menu items that are easy to savor.

Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel

Photo Courtesy of Mckitterick Hotel

Ok, we are not going to say this is a romantic thing to do in New York City, however, it’s a unique date idea in NYC worth considering.

Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel is probably one of the craziest experiences I have personally had in New York City and trying to explain how it works, what happens, and how is impossible. It’s an experience and you will leave wondering what happened but in a good way.

Constructed with the intention of being NYC’s premier luxury hotel back in 1939 but condemned days after the start of World War II and permanently for over 80 years, the Mckitterick Hotel has been professionally restored to an elegant and mysterious space, collaborating with London-based PUNCHDRUNK to bring SLEEP NO MORE based on Shakespeare’s Scottish tragedy to life.

You and your date will grab a Macbeth mask, and head through the Mckitterick Hotel, for an immersive theatre experience where you interact with broadway actors and rooms filled with trinkets and oddities. You will enter rooms, climb stairs, destinations, jazz clubs, and some play scenes that will leave little to the imagination.

After your theatre experience, you end up in a jazz club with plush velvet chairs and a singer serenading jazz tunes while you sip an old-fashioned cocktail.

Sleep No More at the Mckiterrick will be one of the most unique things for couples to do in NYC and one of the best NYC date ideas that are completely out-of-the-box that you will never forget. Buy your tickets to Sleep No More here.

NYC Fun Date Ideas: Atop the Mckitterick Hotel is the beautiful NYC rooftop restaurant, Gallow Green. It’s a true gem of New York City. This intimate and romantic space is a perfect spot for after your Sleep No More experience. Each season at Gallow Green brings a new rustic garden ambiance and menu. Gallow Green is a great NYC date idea for brunch, lunch, dinner, or drinks. You can get reservations to Gallow Green here.

Broadway Show

If Sleep No More is too intense for your taste, you can never go wrong with drinks and a class Broadway play.

NYC has plenty of fun date ideas to choose from, and catching a Broadway play is one of the most exciting options. Experiencing talented actors in an elaborate set with intricate production values can be incredibly thrilling.

Getting dressed up, and having drinks at a hidden broadway speakeasy before or after your Broadway play can be one of the most romantic things to do in NYC.

Whether it’s a remake of an old classic or something entirely new, NYC ensures that there’s always something to see and enjoy regardless of the theatergoer’s preference.

With prices ranging from discounted matinee tickets to premium spots, it can also fit any budget. Watching a Broadway play in NYC is certainly a great way for couples to have an unforgettable time enjoying each other’s company.

The most popular Broadway plays in NYC:

New York City Comedy Shows

New York City comedy clubs are the perfect thing to do for couples looking for a fun NYC date night! With some of the best and most famous comedians in the world gracing New York’s stages, there’s sure to be a show suitable for anyone.

From hilarious improv troupes to wry stand-up sets, NYC comedy clubs bring together great performers and enjoyable laughs.

Top comedy clubs in NYC to consider:

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Photo Courtesy of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Photo by Michael Stewart.

A visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is an iconic romance experience in New York City. From the Lilly Ponds to the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, romance abounds in this special place.

The variety of trees and flowers offers visitors a chance to take in the sights and scents of some of the most magnificent plants from around the world. Perfect for taking a romantic walk or for leisurely sightseeing, visitors are sure to capture memories amongst nature’s beauty that will last a lifetime.

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