Toddler Travel Essentials for a Smooth Vacation!

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Our little family travels both by airplane and by car often, at least once a month. I have had years of experience in traveling with toddlers, what works and what doesn’t. Toddlers, I believe are the trickiest age to travel with. They have a mind of their own, are extremely active, and vocal, and haven’t quite learned social norms of not screaming at the top of their lungs on a plane (smile, I promise you it happens to every mom and dad, and it is ok). We have rounded up toddler travel essentials for a (slightly) stress-free trip with your wild one.

toddler travel essentials

Being prepared while traveling with your toddler is key, and it’s also important to make them feel loved, and comfortable in an unfamiliar space or routine.

Here are some highly recommended toddler travel essentials for your next airplane ride or road trip to your vacation destination.

Happy travels!

Traveling Essentials for Toddlers-Travel Backpacks

When I travel with my toddlers (I have had four in all, along with traveling with my nieces and nephews back and forth across the US) I like to bring along their own little backpack full of toddler travel toys, items, and snacks that make them feel independent and excited for the trip.

You can find travel backpacks for toddlers that fold completely out into a travel tray, has compartments for crayons and books, and have a storage slot for their tablet. These handy all-in-one toddler backpacks are highly convenient.

Plus, these backpacks make a little “travel station” for your toddler. They have everything they need within arms reach.

You may even want to consider a rolling backpack for your toddler. They can wheel their own bag filled with fun things to do in the car or airplane.

Travel backpacks for toddlers-Highly recommended:

Traveling Essentials For Toddlers. Backpacks that convert.

<< Lulyboo Travel Toddler Backpack >>

Parents who travel with young children can now travel in style with the Lulyboo Toddler Backpack. Not only is it an adorable travel backpack for toddlers, but it also unzips to transform any seat on a plane or car into a creative space for your little one. It boasts four pockets to organize pens, crayons, and toys for activities like coloring and playing. Plus, it has a built-in cup holder and a clear pocket to store phones and tablets to keep them entertained.

Travel Backpacks for Toddlers: These are the nine best toddler travel backpacks with the perfect size and durability for traveling with the littles HERE!

travel backpacks for toddlers

>> Nice Choice Toddler Backpack <<

This toddler travel backpack is the perfect (and affordable) choice to accompany your toddler on any journey. It comes with easy-to-open and close zipper tags, a main zippered pocket, and two side pockets for water and umbrella and toddler travel essentials. The unique design comes in several different patterns.

Furthermore, it’s constructed from durable, water-resistant oxford fabric that’s lightweight and easy to clean. Additionally, the adjustable padded shoulder straps offer maximum support and comfort while carrying all the necessary toddler-friendly items on their travels.

Rolling Backpacks for Toddlers

Whether planning a weekend getaway or a long airplane ride, a rolling backpack for your toddler can be a lifesaver for parents on the go, providing ample storage space for snacks, diapers, and toys while keeping everything easily accessible and organized.

Rolling backpacks are durable, lightweight, and highly mobile so you can easily head straight from the airplane to the terminal without worrying about an exhausting trek through the airport with your toddler in tow.

With added features like attached water bottle holders and adjustable pull handles, rolling backpacks make it easier than ever to store toddler travel essentials in style.

Packing Your Bag For Your Toddler

Your toddler’s travel backpack will likely only carry so much. There are some toddler travel essentials you may want to add to your bag. You may have a toddler still in a diaper and need extra snacks or activities for a long flight.

Toddler Travel Essentials for Your Bag:

  • A change of clothes and extra underwear for your toddler, along with a pair of slip-on shoes or flip-flops. Kids lose their shoes more often than not.
  • Add extra activities and toddler travel toys to your bag. I always suggest items they have never seen before. You can find the entire recommended toddler items for travel HERE! Add toddler-friendly stickers (these peel off easily for tiny hands and slip into your bag), a sticker book, crayons, figurines like small dinosaurs, a playdoh cup, etc. Items separate from what you pack in their travel backpack.
  • Diapers, pullups, wipes, and antibacterial hand wipes for hands and trays. Dont forget butt cream for longer flights!
  • Toddler travel snacks and an empty spill-proof toddler cup. I always bring a leak-proof water bottle to fill at the airport after security. I bring my toddler’s favorite, but small snacks like Cheerios, fruit strips, and pretzels. I always bring something chewy for sensitive ears on an airplane like fruit snacks or chewy granola bars to move their jaw. I also bring a couple of Dum-Dums to keep them quiet in a melt-down emergency. I bring a couple of extra for struggling moms on a plane too.
  • On an airplane, on road trips, and at the airport, I bring disposable toilet seat covers for my potty-training toddler, I use them myself too.
  • I bring an extra blanket in my travel bag. I found these colorful blankets that roll up super tight considering the size and are cozy.

The Perfect Travel Bag for Mom or Dad:

>> RUVALINO Travel Backpack <<

The RUVALINO is the perfect multifunction travel backpack for a baby or toddler and their many travel essentials. There are two big zipper closure compartments with 16 pockets, spacious enough for everything you need for toddler travel without looking bulky or undersized. Additionally, this travel backpack includes convenient features such as a padded laptop pocket, mesh pocket organizers, and other organization necessities.

Best Toddler Travel Toys: We rounded up the best travel toys for toddlers for a fun, enjoyable, (semi) stress-free trip HERE!

Toddler Travel Essentials-Sleeping

Best Travel best for Toddlers

>>Hiccapop’s Travel Toddler Bed<<

For traveling families, Hiccapop’s anytime-anywhere travel toddler bed is a crucial traveling essential for toddlers. The Original Hiccapop inflatable toddler bed is lightweight, and portable and offers a lifetime guarantee.

It includes a convenient travel bag and an electric turbo pump for fast inflation. With four extra tall and extra long bed rail bumpers for added safety, this blow-up travel mattress exceeds all federal standards for child safety. Moreover, it fits all standard crib sheets and blankets to make life easier on trips. This makes traveling with your toddler easy and worry-free – when it’s time to stow you can simply fold, roll and go!

Best Travel Bed For Toddlers: Make sure your toddler has a cozy, comfy night sleep while away from home with these best travel beds for toddlers HERE!

>> SlumberPod Portable Privacy Pod <<

If you have a younger toddler who still sleeps in a portable crib, or using a toddler travel bed, while traveling, a SlumberPod Privacy Pod is a toddler travel essential you should consider.

As seen on Shark Tank, the full coverage sides provide a complete blackout sleep environment so toddlers can nap – day or night – wherever they may be traveling. The bottomless design fits over multiple furniture pieces including playards, mini-cribs, travel cribs, cots, and toddler travel beds.

Toddler Travel Pillows

Best Toddler Travel Pillow

>> My Little Dreamy Toddler Pillow <<

KeaBabies My Little Dreamy Toddler Pillow is the perfect toddler travel essential for kids to have a comfortable rest. Its ergonomic design ensures that your toddler’s neck and spine have the best support without compromising on comfort. Parents around the world highly rate this toddler pillow, making it one of the best toddler travel pillows.

This mini pillow is the perfect size to stow away in a suitcase or backpack on the plane or car. It is also durable and machine washable, which is perfect after your trip. This means you can rest assured that your toddler’s mini pillow stays clean and fresh all the time!

>> BCOZZY Toddler Travel Pillow <<

Whether it is a short drive or a long ride, the BCOZZY toddler travel pillow can keep your child’s head and neck comfortably stable and free of pain. The custom-made Velcro system enables it to contour perfectly to your child’s neck, making sure there’s no worry about heads drooping or flopping around while traveling.

Additionally, this fun travel pillow features machine-washable softness and flexibility, together with lightweight convenience and a neat carrying case for on-the-go protection. Moreover, it comes with a snap loop in the back, making it easy to clip onto backpacks, suitcases, and car seats making it the perfect travel pillow for toddlers.

travel items for toddlers-Sound Machines

>> Fourair White Noise Sound Machine <<

Our favorite travel essential (and home essentials) for toddlers and adults is a portable travel sound machine. We do not leave for your trips without one, even to grandma’s house.

With 25 soothing sounds, Fourair White Noise Sound Machine can help reduce any stress of travel for both you and your toddler by providing calming background noise. Plus, the sound generated is set to be soothing, not harsh, so it will help improve sleep without disrupting peaceful rest for both of you. Choose from a variety of noises like rain sounds, waves, white noise, and even lullabies!

Toddler Travel Essentials

An Amazon Fire is a great Toddler Travel activity to stay occupied and happy

>> Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet <<

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet has revolutionized the way children learn and interact with technology and is the perfect toddler travel activity. With advanced parental controls, a 2-year worry-free guarantee, and a kid-proof case included, parents can rest easy knowing their children are safe while they explore.

Additionally, the purchase of this bundle includes one year of Amazon Kids+, a digital subscription specifically tailored to help kids learn and grow while providing access to thousands of ad-free books, apps, games, and more. Overall, this comprehensive package gives you peace of mind that your child is using technology safely and productively—all in one convenient bundle!

Headphones for the plane or road trip with toddlers are a definite toddler travel essentials.

>> CozyPhones Over The Ear Bluetooth Headband Headphones <<


CozyPhones Over The Ear Bluetooth Headband Headphones (in several different themes) are the perfect toddler travel essential. Kids of all ages will love the combination of comfort and style that these headphones provide. Super soft fleece headbands won’t slip off during rest time, and their thin speaker design is perfect for kids who don’t like bulky over-the-ear headphones. The band is washable and stretchy, so it won’t interfere with car seat headrests or airplane seats!

travel trays for toddlers

>> Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray <<

Lusso Gear Kids Travel Tray makes trips with small children less chaotic and easier. Not only does the travel tray allow your toddler to snack comfortably, but it also features a secure tablet holder for when a little extra entertainment is needed during long trips.

The adjustable side windows provide added protection from spills and messes and the dry-erase surface means toddler coloring or other activities can be done in the car or on an airplane. With so many toddler-friendly features like a cup can snack holders, adjustable straps, and tablet stands, it’s no surprise that this is a highly-rated and efficant travel tray for toddlers.

Best Travel Potty Seat For Toddlers

My Carry Potty is one of the best travel potty seats for toddlers.

>> My Carry Potty <<

My Carry Potty is an award-winning and best travel potty seat for toddlers designed by Amanda Jenner, the UK’s number one potty trainer as voted by parents. This unique potty includes a colorful character design on the seat and a handle that encourages your little one to take it wherever they go. And best of all, it’s easily portable so it can be taken out on days out or on a road trip. With this travel potty seat, toddlers can quickly learn and form a consistent routine even when away from home.

Travel Essentials for Toddlers-Transportation

travel strollers for toddlers

>> Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller <<

The Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is the perfect toddler travel essential. We have purchased a couple of these travel strollers. They are easy to transport on an airplane and small enough for a road trip.

These travel strollers have outlasted the streets of NYC too, It’s incredibly lightweight, at just thirteen pounds with a durable aluminum frame, yet still has everything you need to make any outing easier – a large seating area, anti-shock front wheels, locking rear wheels, a basket, and cupholders.

>> Padded Car Seat Travel Backpack <<

Having a Padded Car Seat Travel Backpack Bag is an excellent way to make traveling with a car seat easier and more convenient. This durable backpack is large enough to fit almost any car seat and is made of heavy-duty, water-resistant polyester fabric for durability and easy cleaning. It also has thick feet on the bottom for complete scratches protection and saves on luggage fees as well as car seat rental fees, making it a must-have travel essential for toddlers to protect a valuable necessity.

>> BabyFly Inflatable Airplane Bed <<

Traveling can be easier and more comfortable for both parent and child alike when you pack the BabyFly Inflatable Airplane Bed for Toddler Travel. These traveling essentials for toddlers fit most airplane economy seats, easily inflating using its convenient manual pump, and then deflates instantly for easy storage underneath the seat in front of you during take off and landing. Not only providing comfort to a child during a flight but also preventing food or toys from falling onto the floor!

Airplane Bed for Toddler! Does your little traveler need extra rest in the air? We have the best airplane bed for toddlers and babies for a restful flight, find more options HERE!

travel essentials for toddlers

>> Newroutes Child Airplane Safety Travel Harness <<

Parents traveling with young children will appreciate the convenience of Newroutes Child Airplane Safety Travel Harness. Not only is the harness easy to install – taking just a minute or two – but it eliminates the need for bulky car seats and can be conveniently stored away in a diaper bag, handbag, or stroller when not in use.

Safe for kids that are 1-year-old and taller than 40 inches, as well as those weighing between 22 and 44 pounds, it’s made of premium materials that prioritize safety over anything else. For parents looking to make air travel a smoother process, this harness is an ideal solution.

Flying with Toddlers: Some stress-saving tips and tricks for traveling with a toddler on a plane or road trip HERE!

Toddler Travel Essentials-Suitcases

Sometimes letting your toddler have their very own small suitcase can make your trip that much more exciting for them. Having them help you pack their suitcase for the car ride or airplane with clothes and a couple of familiar items puts them at ease about new surroundings when you get to your destination.

>> Toddler Ride-On Suitcase <<

Today, suitcases are super fun for toddlers. Ride-on suitcases and scooter suitcases allow your toddler to also be independent and use their own mode of transportation and even get their energy out before a plane ride.

Travel Essentials for Women. We rounded up the best and necessary travel essentials for a smooth, prepared trip! You can find the guide HERE!

Toddler Suitcases

>> Trunki Toddler Suitcase <<

Trunki has revolutionized travel for toddlers, providing a fun and practical way for young children to navigate airports, holidays, and family trips. Not only is the Trunki sitting luggage perfect for carry-on size luggage, but it doubles as a ride-on toy!

Kids can take their new vehicle through the airport or around their homes to have tons of pretend-play adventures. This product is great for minimizing stress and boredom on family trips as well as on sleepovers and short breaks. The sit-on, ride-on, and carry-on capabilities of the Trunki make it the ideal child’s travel companion.

Essentials For Traveling With a Baby: We have everything you need for a stress-free, comfortable trip with your tiny traveler HERE.   

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