Travel Backpacks for Toddlers- Nine of the Best

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Traveling with toddlers can be hectic, but the right travel backpack for them can make it significantly easier. Travel backpacks for toddlers need to be comfortable and spacious to accommodate all of their necessary items and also help with making your toddler feel excited and independent on their trip.

Toddler backpacks need to be durable, so they can withstand long days spent out sight-seeing and being lugged around airports or train stations. Besides a practical design, travel backpacks for toddlers should also boast interesting graphics and colors that kids are drawn to and excited about carrying for the duration of their trips.

These are highly-rated, recommended travel backpacks for toddlers to consider!

Happy Travels!

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Best Toddler Travel Backpacks

I love to narrow down and research the best of the best. I have a toddler, I have had many toddlers over the years and we travel by plane and road trip a lot. I love letting my toddler pack her little bag for the plane. It allows her to feel excited about the trip and feel independent.

These are the top five, highly rated travel backpacks for toddlers that are worth considering for your toddler travels.

travel backpack for toddlers

>> LulyBoo Toddler Travel Backpack <<

These adorable toddler travel backpacks by LulyBoo double as a convenient activity travel tray with pockets, cupholders, and a writing and drawing surface that serves as an inner activity table for snacks, coloring, or playing. The activity backpack has several storage compartments and a secure tablet window.

LulyBoo backpacks come in three different designs (panda, unicorn, and monkey for your toddler’s personality).

What’s more, this best toddler travel backpack safety strap so can be securely attached to car seats or strollers when your little one gets tired of carrying it.

Enjoy family travel adventures knowing your child will have everything they need to stay entertained and organized with the Lulyboo activity tray backpack!

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>> Simple Modern Mini Backpack <<

The best thing about Simple Modern travel backpack for toddlers is the many compartments, pouches, and zips for your toddler’s treasures, snacks, and travel essentials. Plus, it’s the perfect size for your little one to carry.

The Simple Modern Travel Backpack is also made from easy-to-clean polyester material which makes cleaning much simpler. For additional comfort, there are padded, adjustable shoulder straps so that you can easily adjust the size to fit your toddler’s needs perfectly.

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Best toddler travel backpack

>> Zoy Zoii Colorful Backpack <<

Give your little one the travel backpack they need to start their journey of imagination and discovery! Zoy Zoii Backpacks are the perfect size for toddler travelers and dreamers ages 2-6, these adorable kids’ travel backpack captures the spirit of imaginative play.

Toddler Travel Essentials

>> Zoy Zoii Toddler Backpack <<

As stylish as it is playful, the Zoy Zoii Toddler Backpack features an integrated molding polyester material, a durable & waterproof front part, and comfy shoulder straps with cozy mesh lining. This is a great choice for packing small items like books, pens, toys, snacks, and tablets while taking them to school, travel, or day trips while keeping their adventures fun and exciting.

>> Skip Hop Toddler Backpacks <<

Skip Hop Toddler Backpacks come in several different sizes and stylish colorful designs for the littlest toddlers to toddlers entering kindergarten.

Skip-Hop backpacks are perfect for carrying all of your toddler’s travel essentials like tablets, snacks, crayons, and travel activities. Finished with eye-catching details and cute zipper charms, this toddler travel backpack is perfect for big adventures!

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Travel Backpacks For Toddlers-Super Affordable

>> Abshoo Toddler Travel Backpack <<

The Abshoo Kids Backpack is the perfect travel backpack for toddlers both boys and girls of all ages and is SUPER affordable. Abshoo kids Backpack comes in several different colors and fun patterns for your toddler to pick from.

Built with adjustable padded shoulder straps for extra support and comfort, as well as an adjustable chest strap to keep the load stable throughout the day’s activities you can have peace of mind knowing your little one is safe and secure when wearing this toddler travel backpack.

Abshoo kid-sized backpack is made of durable and practical high-quality water-resistant polyester, this lovely and cute toddler backpack is perfect for children going out hiking, traveling, or to school.

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>> Bseash Waterproof Kids’ Sport Backpack <<

The Bseash 10L Small Size Waterproof Kids’ Sport Backpack is the perfect travel backpack for toddlers. It’s a miniature version of the traditional outdoor hiking daypacks so it’s suitable for little adventurers that don’t quite fit in an adult-sized bag. The waterproof design will keep your child’s belongings secure regardless of whether they’re exploring a woodland or trekking up a mountain, while it can also be used on shorter journeys. There’s no better way to get them excited about travel and exploration than giving them their own travel backpack!

>> NICE CHOICE Travel Backpack <<

When it comes to travel backpacks for toddlers, the NICE CHOICE Toddler Travel Backpack is a great option. It features a unisex design that is perfect for either boys or girls, and it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

This travel backpack is made from durable materials and includes a padded back panel and straps for comfortable carrying. It also has several pockets for storing snacks, toys, and other toddler travel essentials, and the front zip pocket is perfect for holding a child’s favorite toys.

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>> Cusangel Toddler Backpack <<

For travel backpacks for toddlers, the Cusangel Toddler Backpack with safety attachment is a great choice. Featuring a detachable anti-lost toddler attachment, parents can securely hang the traction anti-loss rope onto the kids backpack buckle for added security when walking around malls and airports.

As if that isn’t enough, this bug-shaped toddler backpack also comes in cute patterns and schoolbag shapes to excite children of all ages! With its vibrant colors, this travel backpack makes a perfect surprise birthday or holiday gift.

>> Yisibo Kids Backpack <<

Yisibo Kids Backpack with Safety Attachment is an innovative solution that allows parents to keep children close and safe, while giving them the freedom to explore their surroundings. The detachable leash helps prevent children from getting lost, while the roomy main compartment offers plenty of space for travel toys, and snacks. It’s an ideal travel companion for families on the go and a great way to help moms keep their kids safe.

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