Good Health Inside and Out: Weight Loss’ Physical and Mental Benefits & How You Can Achieve It

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Weight Loss’ Physical and Mental Benefits

Losing weight is difficult. For it to be effective, you must have the self-discipline to
choose better lifestyle practices and eliminate bad habits. It’s thus unsurprising that
out of the 95% surveyed Americans trying to lose weight in the last five years, 44%
admitted to struggling so much that they gained over 21 pounds.

Still, no matter how hard it is to shed weight, you shouldn’t give up. Weight loss will
benefit you physically and mentally, allowing you to achieve good health inside and

Below, we’ll discuss these benefits and how you can achieve them.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Weight Loss

Physical benefits

Besides reducing fat and getting a trimmer waistline, even a modest weight loss of 5-
10% of your body weight can improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar
levels. In the long run, this prevents the development of chronic conditions like heart
disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Additionally, you’ll decrease joint pain and increase mobility because you’re not
stressing your bones and muscles with excess weight. This can help you move more
freely and do various activities you enjoy, like hiking or dancing.

Mental benefits

Weight loss’ impact on mental health is often overlooked, but it’s just as significant as
the process’ physical benefits. Healthtalk.org’s post “Weight Change & Associated
Health Problems” reveals that its mental benefits include greater self-esteem, being
more sociable, and having a sense of achievement.

Because losing weight brings noticeable physical changes, you’ll dress more
confidently, engage in more events and conversations, and become proud of your
accomplishments. Ultimately, you’ll feel more comfortable and secure in your body.

How to Achieve Weight Loss

Eat what you want in moderation

Eating food that makes you feel good makes you happy in life. After all, if you enjoy
what you do, you’ll feel better about yourself. Luckily, you can continue being happy
because you can lose weight while eating the food you want. Yes, you don’t have to
follow restrictive diets that can make you feel down and crave other foods, leading to
binge eating.

In fact, the most effective weight loss programs encourage you to continue eating
your favorite foods—as long as you do so in moderation. All you need to do is set
some boundaries.

If you’re used to eating a whole pizza every day, limit yourself to 2 pieces. Accompany this with healthy foods—like salad—for a win-win situation: you get both happiness and nutrition in your meals. If this is difficult, ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable as you continue your weight loss journey.

Make time for regular exercise

It’s common knowledge that exercise is effective for weight loss because it burns
calories. However, what you must focus on is exercising consistently. If you work out
with considerable lapses—like every two weeks—your body will have difficulty
keeping the weight off because it follows a cycle of burning calories and gaining
them back when you stop exercising.

It’s thus crucial to stick to a regular exercise schedule, whether it’s 30 minutes a day or four times a week. You can get a gym buddy, like a friend, to help you commit to this routine. It may also help to set alarms to remind you when it’s time for your workout.

Apart from losing weight, exercising releases endorphins that make you feel good. As
such, you’ll be happy whenever you exercise, which adds to that euphoric feeling of
finishing a workout that helps you reach your goal weight.

Weight loss makes you healthy inside and out. Follow the tips above to start your
weight loss journey today! If you enjoyed this article, check out our site for more

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