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Visit the Pilot Point Texas Tulips- Pick Your Own Tulips 2023

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One hour outside Fort Worth or Dallas Texas, there is a little piece of Holland with rows and rows of colorful blooming tulip fields. Here, in Pilot Point Texas, you can have a whimsical afternoon picking your own Texas tulips and taking beautiful photos without leaving Texas!

Texas Tulips. Near Dallas, Pilot Point Texas

Our family lives only about thirty minutes from Pilot Point Texas Tulips, making it a yearly tradition to head out after school when the tulips are in full bloom.

We grabbed a provided cute handbasket and picked Texas tulips of many colors. There are one hundred different varieties from bright yellows, shades of pinks, purples, and even black tulips. After you pick carefully curated tulips, they are placed in a preserving gel and perfectly wrapped in pretty paper of your choosing and tied with a ribbon to take home.

For a $5 entrance fee and $2.50 per tulip stem, this Texas tulip farm is a fun and unique experience for North Texas residents.

The 2023 Texas tulip season is now open and is open 10 am to 8 pm every day.

This is your full guide on visiting the Pilot Point Texas Tulips near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas!

Happy Spring!

Texas Tulips- European Roots

Tulip Farm near me; Tulip farm Dallas

The owners of this beautiful tulip farm near Dallas are Pieter and Petra Koeman, originally from the Netherlands.

Their roots in the Netherlands inspired them to seek out a spot in Texas to start their very own tulip field reminiscent of their home country.

Never having been to the United States, finding a location to mimic the tulip fields of Holland was no easy task.

They visited Texas several times, and after careful consideration, they felt Pilot Point would be the best location to make their Texas tulip field dream come to fruition.

Texas Tulips in Pilot Point TX is a beautiful and unique flower field in Texas!

They decided a plot of land in rural Pilot Point would be the ideal location to set up tulip fields. Pieter and Petra felt the land in Pilot Point Tx, the dark soils of old farming land, and the mild, (the unpredictable Texas weather did cause some concern) Texas temperatures in spring would fuse together with the perfect tulip farm.

Pieter, Petra, and their lovely children share with Texas unique opportunities and experiences from their home in Europe.

We get a little taste of Holland through their hard work and dedication to their tulip business.

Texas Tulips-Tips for Visiting

Tulip Farm in Texas-Pilot Point

There is a very short window in the spring for the blooming of the tulips in Texas. The blooms last only five to six weeks in total. Planning ahead to visit the Texas tulip farm in Pilot Point is key.

  • Texas Tulip farm is open in 2023, 7 days a week during spring blooms. 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Always check the Texas Tulip Farm website, Facebook, or Instagram for updates on closings or blooms. The drive is short, but you do not want to drive all the way there for it to be closed. You will see the tulip fields and have instant FOMO.
  • Parking is free, entrance is $5, and each flower you pick (you pick, you buy) is $2.50 a stem. handbaskets are provided at the entrance and each bouquet is preserved in gel until you get home and wrapped in pretty paper.
  • For Veterans and Seniors there is a $7.50 entrance fee including three Texas tulip stems on business weekdays
  • Our family goes on the weekdays after school (be sure to check hours and times). There weren’t very many people there and we were able to get some great uninterrupted photos throughout the field. On weekends, it is packed with people, which is great for the support of this small business, just be prepared with patience when taking photos and picking stems.
  • There are clean restrooms
  • There is a small concession for drinks and snacks. Small snacks are allowed to be brought in, just not picnic baskets or food.
  • Please watch your children and make sure you prep them before entering the Texas tulip fields. This small business works tirelessly to provide a beautiful experience so don’t allow your children to step in, over, or on the tulip rows.

Texas Tulip Farm on a sunny afternoon in Texas

  • I gave my kids a limit on how many stems they could pick and each their own basket. I also gave them my camera to take photos up close.
  • If you want to bring your own gathering basket, you can! You can really do some fun, adorable spring photos.
  • If there is any rain, the next day, it, of course, will be muddy. If you plan on wearing cute spring shoes, wedges, or sandals, wear them with caution. Even when it is not muddy, the dirt and dust from the tulip fields get all over them. We went when muddy and while dry and our shoes were not the same after in both situations. If you are wearing wedges and sandals, be prepared for dirty piggies. and bring an extra pair of shoes for the way home.

Pilot Point TX is a quick trip to the tulip farm Dallas

  • If you are wearing a spring dress, if it is a maxi, it will get dirty. BUT, the photo opportunities for spring out at Texas Tulips are amazing and flowy spring dresses are so much fun.
  • No pets are allowed at the Texas Tulip fields. Think lift of the leg to potty and occasionally jumping in flowers. Service dogs, however, are allowed.
  • If you are a professional photographer, there is an all-day fee of $25, and no appointment is required.

The tulip fields at Texas Tulips are filled with a variety of tulip bulbs

Getting to Texas Tulips

The journey out to Texas Tulips is a pretty one. There are lots of beautiful ranches, and rolling hills and spring is blooming. The drive from Dallas and Fort Worth is an enjoyable one.

Getting to the tulip farm from Dallas:

Take I-35E (N Stemmons Fwy). Take right exit 429B toward Dallas North Tollway onto Dallas North Tollway. Go for 28.3 miles. Take the exit toward Panther Creek Pkwy onto Dallas Pkwy. Turn left onto Panther Creek Pkwy. Turn right onto FM 423 (FM-423 N). Continue on Gee Rd. Continue on Fishtrap Rd. Go for 1.0 miles. Turn right onto FM 1385 (FM-1385). Go for 4.5 miles. Turn left onto FM 428 (FM-428 W). Go for 2.7 miles. Turn right onto FM 2931 (FM-2931 N). Go for 2.9 miles and you will see the expansive Texas Tulip farm.

Getting to the Texas Tulip farm from Fort Worth:

Take I-35 North all the way to Denton. Exit 470 toward TX-288-LOOP toward US-380-TRUCK E. Take the ramp toward FM-428/Denton/Aubrey. Turn left onto E Sherman Dr (FM-428 E). Go for 8.8 mi. Continue on E Sherman Dr (FM-3524). Turn left onto Highway 377 (US-377 N). Go for 1.4 miles. Turn right onto Friendship Rd. Go for 2.1 miles. Turn right onto FM 2931 (FM-2931). Go for 0.4 mi.

Pilot Point TX-More to Do & See

Texas Tulips of Pilot Point TX

We love Pilot Point TX. It is such a fun day trip from Dallas or Fort Worth, especially if you do the Texas Tulip farm and then some activities after. Here are some other things to do in Pilot Point, TX!

  • Visit the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch. Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch is a self-guided exotic animal and petting zoo and with plenty of animal encounters. It was nominated by DFW Child as one of the “best for families to see animals” in 2023. Find more information here.
  • Take a Tour of Western Son Distillery. Learn the carefully curated process of Texas Vodka. Learn how yellow corn is mashed, fermented, copper pot distilled, and turned into delicious smooth quality vodka. You can purchase 2023 tickets here.
  • Have a Picnic at Lake Ray Roberts. One of the prettiest lakes in North Texas, grab some lunch or pack a fantastic picnic to finish off your day at Pilot Point TX. Lake Ray Roberts is surrounded by wildlife, wetlands, waterfowl, and quiet beaches. If you would like to stay the night, there are RV spots and camping locations. There is also hiking, horseback riding, and a swimming beach. See more information on Lake Ray Roberts here.
  • Christie’s Golf Ranch. After your visit to Texas Tulips, head to the Golf Ranch. Christie’s Golf Ranch is truly a unique place to visit. Nestled in the heart of horse country in Pilot Point, Texas, it allows golfers to partake in one-of-a-kind experiences and activities. Along with the 9-hole par 3 golf course which has been specially designed by Jeff Christie, there’s also a state-of-the-art driving range for those who want to practice their swings. Find more information on Christie’s Golf Ranch here.
  • Try a Pilot Point TX Dining Establishment. Pilot Point is not very big but on our outings to this horse country, we have tried a couple of delicious restaurants. We love Corner Cafe Pilot Point, Powerhouse Burger, Uncle Betos Mexican, and for a treat, Ruby Cates Bake+Shop!

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