Best Burgers in Dallas!

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We love finding new places to eat, especially when it comes to burgers. There are so many options in Dallas that sometimes it can be hard to choose just one place. After careful consideration (and lots of delicious burger eating), we have compiled a list of the best burgers in Dallas!

Whether you’re looking for something classic or something a little more adventurous, these burgers will not disappoint. You will feel fully satisfied promise!

Rodeo Goat

Rodeo Goat is our favorite go-to burger place in Dallas and Fort Worth. This is a laid-back, family-friendly restaurant—fantastic food, cold beers, a great place to gather with friends to watch a football game.

With that said, Rodeo Goat will feed you one of the best damn burgers in Dallas. We love that the Rodeo Goat has no-fuss burgers as a family of picky eaters. However, you can make your burger as dramatic as you want with countless ways and toppings to prepare your burger.

The Rodeo Goat has one of the best burgers in Dallas. You can jazz up your burger or keep it a classic.

We also recommend participating in the monthly Burger Battle 😉

As I am writing this, the burgers up for battle at Rodeo Goat is the Truffle Shuffle. A juicy beef patty, asiago cheese, sautéed mushrooms, herbed sour cream, lemon-garlic shallots, black truffle mayo.

Its contender, The Lolly. A beef patty, pimento cheese, jalapeno bacon, arugula, roasted raspberry chipotle sauce.

Hudson House

If you want to get a bit more dressed up, put on your Blair Waldorf headband, and eat one of the best burgers in Dallas, Hudson House is it.

Not only was their burger ranked one of the top burgers Dallas, but Hudson House also has other amazing food and drinks with a great trendy environment. Not to mention, Hudson House has one of the best brunches and raw bars in Dallas.

The Hudson House serves up one of the best burgers in Dallas TX. We love their burgers and skinny fries along with an old fashioned coke in a bottle.

We order “The Cheeseburger.” Thin patties, American cheese, pickles, minced onion, Hudson sauce with a side of Truffle Parm Fries, and Mac & Cheese.

Saturday and Sunday Hudson House offers a “West Village Brunch” (which you know I love anything in NYC). You can get the burgers, French toast with a honey butter drizzle, or a red velvet waffle with double-fried chicken.

Perry’s Steakhouse

Every other Friday, I drop my daughter off to spend the weekend with her dad. I go and spend my Friday lunch at Perry’s Steakhouse eating the Butchers Blend Burger. This burger is made with brisket, chuck, and short rib.

We double the cheese or add blue cheese crumbles and order the mac and cheese to put on the burger, yes, on it. I top it off with a Chocolate Crunch Cake 🙂

Without a doubt, Perry’s is my favorite restaurant in all of DFW, and I highly recommend it for burgers and steaks. Everything and I mean everything, is amazing and delicious.

Hunky’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers

We love Hunky’s for a good, classic burger, fries, and milkshake. Both locations are equally outstanding, Oaklawn and Bishops Arts.

We always order a “Say Cheese” Cheeseburger with chili-cheese fries. Hunky’s chili-cheese fries are the best in all of DFW. We drive 40 minutes to get some.

In addition, we always add a slice of strawberry cake from the old-fashioned cake counter. I have said this before; it is the best strawberry cake in the world. The world.

Hunkys not only has one of the best burgers in Dallas but the best strawberry cake in the world...yep the world. Get a great burger and a slice of cake.

If you are looking for other options, Hunkys offers not only classic burgers but chicken sandwiches, black bean burgers, salmon burgers, cheesy dogs, and “Sexy Salads.”

Maple & Motor

Maple and Motor has two goals, staying close to their culinary roots and creating a place that celebrates low-class cool. Creating a classic and nostalgic American flare menu like a Fried Baloney Sandwich like your mom used to make or a classic burger on a hot, toasted, grilled-shined bun, yum. This humble burger joint will leave you feeling loved and full.

Knife Dallas

If you want to eat a burger made by a “Top Chef” contestant and Sommelier to pick a wine out for your burger, then Knife is it.

Knife was voted the “Best Steakhouse in Dallas” by D Magazine, but if you ask any Dallas local, Knife also holds the title for one of the best burgers in Dallas.

Knife has a few specialty burgers, from “The Magic” served on an English muffin to “The Pimento” layered with pimento cheese and onions on a white bun. We recommend ordering the bacon tasting platter with your burger and Johnny’s Mac and Cheese.

PinPoint Burger Bar

This family-owned burger bar offers a delicious American-classic cheeseburger or you can get a fancy, globally-inspired burger. Moreover, get adventurous with a Denmark Bof Burger. Made with grilled and crispy onions, beetroot, pickles, swiss chees, fried egg, and brown gravy, served on a pretzel bun.

Or, a Honolulu Burger- Musabi on a bun, a beef patty, omelet, spam, American cheese, tomato, cabbage shreds, spicy thousand island dressing on a brioche bun.

Sky Rocket Burger

I am lucky enough to be getting a Sky Rocket Burger by my home in Argyle, Texas. I live 40 minutes west of Dallas, so having Sky Rocket Burger move into my town, we are excited.

Sky Rocket Burgers thinks burgers shouldn’t be complicated. They make outrageously delicious burgers, fries and shakes. Grab a single, double or triple burger with all the fixings. Wash it down with a cold, thick milkshake or Mexican Coke.

Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House

There’s nothing like a good burger and an iced-cold beer, and the Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House in Dallas, Texas is the perfect neighborhood (don’t call it a gastropub) spot to enjoy one. With an extensive menu of burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, and sides, there’s something for everyone at Goodfriend.

Our favorite eats at GoodFriends: The Cheeseburger with melty American cheese, ranch mayo, pickles and tomato. We are not done yet.. order a side of Frito-Pie and scoop onto you burger and wash it down with a nice, cold craft beer.

Best Burgers in Dallas TX

With all the burger eating, we are constantly out and about in Dallas, looking for the best places to eat and drink. We will frequently add to this list. We would love to hear from you about what you believe is the best burger in Dallas. Help us find some hidden gems, maybe burger joints that are new. Additionally, some places that you would not expect to find a fantastic burger. Happy burger eating!

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