Toddler Summer Activity-Frozen Dinosaur Dig!

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I am trying my hardest to keep my three-year-old busy this summer. She is highly active and likes to be a busy body. Sometimes, I can only keep her entertained for 20 minutes; I will take anything while working! This is a fun, engaging toddler summer activity that is budget-friendly and keeps your little busy for a bit!

keep your kids busy with this fun toddler summer activity. toddler activities to keep them entertained!

We did a cheap, budget-friendly, fun, summer activity for kids–a toddler can do this, and my nine-year-old loved it too. It takes a bit to make; however, the frozen dinosaur dig is so easy to make.

Supplies you need for the frozen dinosaur dig:

  • A disposable baking pan. I bought an extra deep dish pan so the kids can work at the ice longer.
  • Small to medium-sized play dinosaur toys. I did one ice block with the dinosaur fossils.
  • A kid’s tool set. She loves this tool set and plays with it outside of this activity. My son, who is nine, used a small metal hammer and small tools instead of plastic.

super fun summer activity for kids---a 
 frozen dinosaur dig!

Directions to making your frozen dinosaur dig:

  • Add a small amount of water to the bottom of your disposable baking pan. About two-three inches. Set your pan in the freezer on a flat surface, with nothing in the way or on top of any food items.
  • Place and space out a few of the dinosaurs in the pan and water.
  • Freeze for at least three-four hours. Each layer takes about this long.
  • Add another layer of water and dinosaurs after the first layer is frozen solid. Ensure the water is frozen because the water being poured over it will break and move the first layer of dinosaurs.
  • Freeze and repeat until you have a full block of ice and dinosaurs.
  • Take the block outside, and the kids can chip away at the ice. It takes quite a while to get through. We used some paintbrushes too to “excavate” the dinosaur bones.

Toddler Activity to keep them busy! Make a frozen dinosaur dig!

This is such a fun toddler summer activity and takes minimal supplies, and keeps those kids busy for a bit!

You really can use any kids of small, plastic toys, animals, or ocean animals. Anything your heart desires. I thought it was fun to do dinosaur dig for the kids, and they loved it!!

Toddler Summer Activity

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