Let’s Make Edible Playdough!

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My three-year-old has an obsession with playdoh. Every time we go to Walmart or Target, she has to get a playdoh from the bin. So this year, one of our summer bucket list items was to make edible playdough. It was way easier than I thought and we set up pretend play/dramatic play ice cream shop with the edible playdough.

Edible Playdough

Edible Playdough:

  • 1 tub of frosting per color you want to create; you will not have to add food coloring if you buy colored frosting like strawberry flavored (which makes the edible playdough smell amazing) or if you are doing an ice cream set-up as we did, you won’t need food coloring (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry frosting flavors for example)
  • Food Coloring
  • 1 cup of powdered sugar per color and frosting tub.
  • Several medium/large bowls
  • A hand mixer (if you like)

Step 1 To Edible Playdough:

In a large bowl, add frosting. We are making mint chocolate chip edible playdough for visual purposes, so we are adding the food coloring to make the frosting mint green.

Vanilla frosting as base to the edible playdoh for kids. A fun summer activity for toddlers or kids

Step 2:

Add food coloring. If you are using already colored frosting skip this step for the edible playdough.

mix the food coloring into vanilla frosting for desired color for the edible playdoh. We are making "ice cream" edible playdoh so this is "mint chocolate chip"

Step 3:

Add two cups of powdered sugar or confectioners sugar. Yes, this edible playdough is SWEET as regular playdoh is salty. Now, this is where you are going to think you made a mistake. As you mix your frosting with powdered sugar, it will become very crumbly—it is time to get messy. Use your hands to finish shaping the dough into a big ball. It will all mesh together like kneading bread dough.

You will have to knead the edible playdoh with your hands like bread dough to get it to form a ball of dough

Step 5:

I crushed up chocolate chunks and added them to the edible playdough to finish the “ice cream.” You don’t have to make the dough look like ice cream. It’s technically playdoh so your kids can do everything and anything you do with playdoh, but this one you can eat! The edible dough is so sweet; that your kids will likely not eat it. The dough comes out so pretty; you will be playing with it too!

We added chocolate chips to our dough to look like ice cream so we could have an ice cream theme

Step 6 to Edible Playdough:

Put the edible playdoh in the refrigerator for a bit. I put mine in the fridge for 30 minutes before the kids started playing with it; it helped mold the shapes—repeat steps above for additional color edible playdough.

If you want to set up an “Ice Cream Shop” with your edible playdough, I just got baking cups and filled them with cheap toppings like marshmallows, gumballs, sprinkles, pom poms.

I found many different toppings, baking cups, ice cream scoops, bowls, cones, and such from the Dollar Store.

For toddlers, you can pre-scoop small tiny scoops with a cookie scoop so they can easily make “sundaes.” Then, your kids can serve ice cream and add the toppings for you. It is an enjoyable summer activity for kids or when you want to make memories with your children.

Our ice cream set up with our edible playdough!

Edible playdough is a GREAT alternative to the regular, store-bought Play-Doh. Not only is it edible (which means no more worrying about your kids putting it in their mouths), but it’s also easy to make! Plus, it’s a lot of fun to play with and can be used to create all sorts of edible creations.

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