Summer Activities for Kids– Sidewalk Puffy Paint!

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As a mom or dad, my advice is to let your kids get messy and get in there with them. Making memories with your kids is the most important thing you can do with them! Over this summer break, we have done some messy but fun summer activities for kids.

I committed to doing some fun things, trying to wear these kids out.

Note: I am more worn out than them, lol.

This is a great summer activity for older kids and a great activity for toddlers. My fifteen-year-old even came and joined the fun; she created the rainbow below, no photos were allowed 🙂

Over the weekend, we did sidewalk paint. The sidewalk paint is easy to make; the kids love it. My only suggestion is 1) do not let it sit on the sidewalk, wash it off right away, 2) do the paint in the shade so the sun will not stain your concrete, and 3) try doing it on your own property, so neighbors do not get upset.

Supplies Needed for Sidewalk Puffy Paint:

  1. 12 oz squeeze condiment bottles
  2. 1 cup of flour per color
  3. 1 cup water per color
  4. 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap per color
  5. Washable paint

How to make the sidewalk chalk (super easy):

  1. In a large bowl, mix flour and water. Mix well until there are no lumps at all.
  2. Add dishwashing soap and mix well.
  3. Add food coloring or washable paint. PLEASE make sure the paint is washable, or you will have a very colorful patio or driveway.
  4. Mix well, no clumps at all.
  5. Transfer to condiment bottles.

Now, get all your kids and yourself and have some summer fun! Make a mess, make some memories, and make sure you hose off the paint off the concrete (maybe your kids) immediately when you are done with all the fun.

Be creative! We had the toddler lay down and traced her body; she thought it was hilarious. Have fun with your kids and make some memories! It goes by so fast!

You can check out our other summer activities for kids, frozen dinosaur dig and edible playdoh, which we made an “ice cream” shop!!

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a tiny commission at no obligation or cost to you, ever. This allows us to keep up our messes and memories 😉

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